Snakes Alive

We finally got the cool change that the weather forecasters had been promising. No rain though – half you luck those who did get it. Send it our way next time. It was so nice sleeping last night with no air conditioner on for a change. The air is always so much fresher. Thank you also to those who have promised to roll in the snow for me – it is appreciated.

Today, cause we have done nothing all week, was declared to be a gardening day. We pottered at lots of jobs in what was left of the morning, we are not early risers on the holidays, had lunch then did some more in the afternoon. The children and Ashley all had a swim in the dam, then up the house for showers.

About 4ish I heard Ashley start the Kanga and saw him working on our compost pile. Being the good wife I am I thought I should help and water down each layer as he piled it on the last. All was going well until the about the fourth load.

All of a sudden I yelled “Snake”, moved about 20 feet in a second and dived for the shovel, threw it at Ashley, screaming at the dog to stay back at the same time. Multiskilled I am…lol. Ashley turned off the Kanga, caught the shovel, but by then the snake was under the wood shed. Meanwhile I had caught the dog, yelled at James to stay back (he came running to see if he could help) and twitched everytime I saw a movement in the corner of my eye. While Ashley was doing a Steve Irwin and trying to find the snake, I took the dog to the house and gave Elise strict instuctions to keep both dogs inside, went back and got Nicola and James and took them up to the house. Mum came down to see what the excitement was all about and asked why I didn’t have a shovel. Honestly – it would be half my luck the snake would think I was a safe refuge and head for my shorts. I passed her a shovel and stood well back. Have I mentioned I’m a coward at heart. Finally the two “experts” decided that the snake was long gone.

Meanwhile I am standing on the only bare patch of ground that seemed safe, shaking like a leaf and twitching at any movement. After a really, really good cry Ashley was told to get the Kanga, because I was going to clear out every bit of garden and only have lawn so I could see said snakes a trifle more easily. Needless to say he ignored the slightly hysterical staments that were issuing forth. Mum then told me “Don’t worry, the summer is the worst time for them”. Well duhhhh!

What I want to know is why the hell was a snake in my garden in the first place, for those who like to know these things it was a four foot brown snake, and how dare it even think about poking its nose on my land. I’m not sure I want any garden now and the thought of putting my hand into a clump of plants to pull out weeds rates up there with a visit to the dentist. Now I have to say in the 7 years that we have been here, there have probably only been three snakes sighted in all that time, and one was a baby less than 30 cm long. The trouble is they are all brown snakes which are nasty, although Ashley tell me they will run/slither away before they will try to bit you. Like I’m going to hang around long enough to find out.

Ohh I forgot to mention we had our “safety gear” on – shorts, t-shirts and thongs.


7 thoughts on “Snakes Alive

  1. oh lord ! I hate snakes – they are supposed to be protected but not in my garden, they certainly are not !!! brown snakes are scary, we have them here but so far, I havent seen one, only a red belly black snake a few years ago. However, I am always very aware when gardening at this time of year.
    I know they don’t hunt you down but they will attack if cornered or threatened.
    see? here in Australia, we have it all – snakes, heat and funnel webs. guess that is why they call us the lucky country.
    good to hear you were wearing safety gear – me thinks you should get and buy yourself a pair of blundstone boots

  2. Firstly, who had the really good cry – you or Ashley?

    My mum would never rest until she had caught a snake if one was sighted near the house. She used to put out a saucer of milk to lure it out. I think it worked every time.

    Actually, with your dam in the garden I’m a bit surprised that you don’t have more snakes, or perhaps they really are frightened of their reception and slithered away unseen.

    Re the rain – we only got 6 points, so you can imagine how much good that did – I don’t think.
    At least the weather was a bit cooler.

  3. Yeeeuk – I walked into the shed once, and found a red belly black coming towards me! But never really had problems, despite long grass on vacant block next door.

    They feel vibration more than noise. Until you are sure it is gone, maybe you will feel safer if you throw the shovel at any big clumps before you work on them!

    Just please, don’t mention spiders!!!!

  4. Thanks girls – you have all made me feel much better. I did have blundstones Ms Robyn – but they fell apart, next field days they are high on my list, they have good seconds at less than half the price of new.

    I am NOT putting out a saucer of milk for the snake Alice – no matter how much it worked for your mum.

    And know I won’t mention Spiders Chloe – although I find them easier to deal with – they make a satisfying crunch when you squish them, or at least the white tails do….lol.

    Ahh Maureen to have carpet snakes and tigers (had to think what they were for a minute – had images of the kind that look like large pussy cats – see what the snake has done to me.) You must be doubly blessed…vbg.

    Hugs to all

  5. eeekkk ~ I am always on the lookout for snakes when in the garden…I have a huge fear of them and last summer at Tinderbox lived in constant dread of coming face to face with one, after Mark killed one near the chicken shed. I totally understand…*shiver*

  6. I am with you on the snake issue!!Trouble is hubby thinks they are the most interesting animal and would have a pet one if I let him!! I shudder to think of the day we find one…he would do the Steve Irwin thing and not rest til he caught the “beauty”.

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