And so Another Year Draws to a Close

I’m not sure whether time is crawling or flying by on this last day of 2005.
Even after all this time I still find it hard to believe that a single moment in time, a mere tick of the clock, will cause a year will end, and another begin. Scary when you really think about it, but exciting none the less.
Have a wonderful and happy last day of 2005 and greet 2006 with a song in your heart and joy and anticipation for what the coming year will bring.

4 thoughts on “And so Another Year Draws to a Close

  1. Happy 2006 to you – Calidore !! May this year be full of all those things you love – make sure you always take time for YOU !
    as to the clock ticking and one year ends in a stroke of the clock ..think of poor me, when that clock ticks, I am a YEAR older !!!

  2. May your New Year be filled with all kinds of blessings! Just think 365 more days to love our children, clean and do laundry…hmm I don’t think I like that last one much..but blessings abound. One of the best blessings in my life is laughter….I love it.

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