Back to Normal

I pulled the Christmas tree down this afternoon, while the children were having some quiet time in their rooms. I must admit it feels good to have it packed away and the lounge room clean once again. It feels like there is a huge weight off my mind, that another job is done and now I can concentrate on the coming year. Why does it always take so long to put up the tree and all the other bits and peices, and so little time to pull them down and pack them away again?

It is an absolute scorcher outside – 42 degrees when the weather was on a minute or two ago. For those who are complaining of snow – send it this way. I guarantee that it will disappate in minutes and not even the puddles will be left. My poor garden is wilting rapidly – thank heavens it was our turn to water the other day, at least there is ground water to keep the roots and hopefully the plants alive.

Even Ashley has admitted defeat and is spending the day under the air conditioner, yesterday he spent it in the shed – pottering as only men can. I knew the excitement of sitting around and playing the Xbox with the children would wear off eventally. Each year he takes the week between Christmas and the New Year off and we generally tackle a large scale, time consuming job around the house and garden. A couple of years ago it was converting the garage into an office, rumpus room and bedroom for James. I can’t remember what we did last year – it may have been the one year we did nothing. Well this year we have done nothing too! The plan was to dig my creek/stream (or as a friend put it Channel) across part of the garden. However the best laid plans went astray – Ashley declared he was too tired from work, it was too hot and I wasn’t organised, so nothing has happened. Never mind there is always 2006 for these major earthworks.

I had plans also of starting the quilt for our bed – I bought the fabric years ago and it has been languishing in the cupboard but it is now washed, pressed and folded waiting for inspiration to hit me. Inspiration hasn’t hit – I have been scrapbooking, washing, ironing well you get the drift. Anything but quilting or sewing has been happening. At least I haven’t had to cook. We have finally finished all the left overs. Yesterdays lunch was Eggs! The kids could have anything they like – so long as it was eggs. Hopefully this heat will put the hens off the lay for a few days so I can catch up – opening the door on five dozen eggs each day is becoming painful and I’m not going to look at yesterdays haul which is still sitting on the sink.

I wonder if they will complain about eggs for tea…..


2 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. Do you preserve any eggs, Calidore? I’m sure your Mum would remember how it was done. I think the egg was dipped in a liquid or rubbed with a special wax or something, and then they were placed in a can of water. At least that’s my very vague memory of it – I’ve never actually done it myself. I love eggs but the cholesterol also loves me.

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