New Years Resolutions

I have been doing some thinking on this subject today – mainly to occupy my mind while I cut up apricots ready for bottling. What do I want for the New Year, what resolutions should I make?

If I have learnt nothing else over the years, that any New Years Resolutions that I am likely to make will be broken, if not in the first week, then generally in the first month so I am not going down that path again. It’s not that I delibrately break them, just I think I set unrealistic goals for myself. So this year I shall be realistic.
What do I want for 2006
World Peace would be high on the list – reality is though until there is greater understanding and acceptance between the sexes, races and religions that is still a long way off. However I would like to beleive that we may be a step or two closer by the end of next year and that, if not in my lifetime, then my children’s, we may see this happening.
I want my family to be healthy and happy. I want the children to do well in school both academically and socially. I want them to grow not only physically but also spritually – with faith and confidence in themselves as individuals and as members of the wider community. I want them to beleive in themselves.
I want Ashley to be busy at work and at home, but with time to spend with myself and the children. I want the niggling issues that are present at his work to be resolved so we may move forward as a family with confidence in what we are acheiving on both the home and work front.
For my Mum and my Sister and her family, I want continued good health and success in their endeavours.
For myself – now that is a tough one. I want to be less prone to stress, to be able to relax and enjoy life as it is without any high expectations. To be more understanding of others. I want to be able to garden and sew and scrapbook and blog without feeling guilty that I should be ironing or cleaning. I would like to say I would like a clean house and a weed free garden – but I know that is really outside the bounds of reality….lol. I want a year where I can look back and say that I acheived something, anything that makes me feel good and makes my family happy.
My wish for you, my friends, is for health and happiness and success in your daily lives.
I’ll say it again


4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. I’ve been mulling over the approaching New Year, and feel very different this year about my ‘resolutions’ ~ very much in the same vein as yours…
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Calidore, you are so refreshing! So many things you have listed in your New Year’s resolutions are things we all want and do experience the same reactions to life. I think we all feel that we should be super Mums and so forth, when all we really need is to get the essentials done with and enjoy life along the garden path and in the sewing room etc. Blogging is such a blessing to me, but I know I need to control the time part of it. Thankfully, this life is but the threshold of eternal life…so much more is to come…hope to get all my cross-stitch projects finished someday even if it takes eternity too! *smile* And, by the way, I love scrapbooking…think I’ll go downstairs and gluestick in my grandson’s trick or treat pictures. I have the page layout all ready. Which brings to mind this…Have you heard or tried a product called Dry Bond Adhesive sheets? They are dots of adhesive…you lay your item on top of it, cover with a regular sheet of paper and rub. this transfers the dots to your scrapbook item. I hope I’ve got the right name.I’ll have to check the name of this out, I’ve yet to buy it. Its pricy…$20. I see you have a new look to your blog..I think…= ) Very nice…pretty green.

  3. Haven’t seen those dots Maggie Ann. I have just the basic supplies – like quilting it could become an obsession so I am taking it slowly. All I need is another room full of my hobbies! It is relaxing though and when I cleaned and sorted out all the photos the other day there were heaps that need preserving properly. Enough to keep me going for an Eternity too…lol.

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