I’m Over Christmas

I am sooo over Christmas and the left overs. Honestly if I see another slice of chocolate cheese cake or peice of egg roll I might scream. I seem to be battling the cleaning and washing and ironing while still trying to find time for me. Something has to give soon and I strongly suspect it might be me!!

I was in the vegie garden by 6.45 am this morning. It is stinking hot again so thought I should get the beans picked before they fried on the plants. I needed the break – the kids slept in (they watched a movie until late last night) and Ashley was still asleep when I slipped out the door and it was so nice to have time to myself.

Ashley spent a couple of hours working out how to load music onto my MP3 Player with success after lots of words I won’t repeat. You are lucky to have loaded CD’s onto your Ipod already Alice. At the moment I am listening to Roy Orbison for two reasons. 1. I like it. 2. It’s the only CD Ashley has loaded for me.

I debated for some time to put in the “negative” aspect – namely the stresses and strains – of Christmas in my last post but looking at the comments I’m glad I did. This is a real blog – my life as it happens with all the joys, fears and emotions that happen to me. To write any other way would be to deny who and what I am. It was nice to hear that some had a wonderful Christmas they way it should be with lots of love and laughter and looking at Alice’s photos – food. How many leftovers do you have Alice?

And so on that cheerful note some promised photos. I won’t bore you with the 200 or so that we took – thank goodness we have digital camera – some were truly awful….lol.

Each year we take a photo – well several actually – of the children in their Christmas finery and silly hats. This is this years effort.

Elise – unwrapping the sewing machine we gave her. She has vowed and declared that she doesn’t enjoy sewing – but later that afternoon I heard her using it. Nicola received one as well and her was going to. By the end of the afternoon I think Ashley was longing for the sounds of a battery drill or car engine…lol.

Two guesses who spent Christmas taking photos – and no it wasn’t just me. This is our old digital camera and the kids can play with it as much as they like. Yes they are cracks you see on the lens. My bag dropped off the hook I had it on when I was on camp with Elise in Melbourne. I had both cameras in it at the time, but only this one cracked. Fortunately neither crack interfers with the photos.

PS Some of James’s photos turned out really well. Could we have a budding photographer in the family???

3 thoughts on “I’m Over Christmas

  1. Leftovers? What are leftovers, Calidore? Seriously, by the time I’d finished transferring leftover food into smaller basins, carving all the turkey off the bones, cutting all the fat and glaze off the ham that Michelle didn’t like, and having the odd nibble, which I really didn’t need, I thought Boxing Day would have dawned.

    I put the ham in the freezer, as I already had a piece, simmered the turkey bones and scraps for half an hour to get everything off the bones, and that too is in the freezer. In a few months, if I can remember what it is, I’ll use it for soup. The nice slices of turkey and stuffing were all put in a basin but they didn’t last long once Sara and Tanya knew where they were. Tanya enquired indignantly today “Who ate all the turkey?” One guess, my girl. The plum pudding has been sitting on the bench, wrapped in foil, but it is getting smaller by the minute – you know how it is, a little slice of plum pudding would be much nicer with a cup of tea than a boring old biscuit. I have another pudding in the freezer but I think it can stay there for a while. Perhaps we’ll have a ‘Christmas in July’. The last of Shannon’s delicious trifle went last night, along with the cream and other calories!

    We are all off to Russell’s for a barbeque soon. Only have to make a salad for that – very simple.

  2. Please, please come and eat our leftovers….lol. We made serious inroads into them again last night, but there are still some left. Maybe today we will be lucky. Trouble is I cook for an army but feed only five. You would think I would learn after all this time wouldn’t you. I seriously think I would have made a good shearers cook.
    Have a lovely BBQ.

  3. I like your pictures…its so much fun to see the Christmas happiness on your children’s faces. Looks like the sewing machines are a hit! Thats a great gift idea. And then, maybe the love of sewing will be encouraged by all the neat things sewn and posted on blogs too. As for Christmas things, I have to say, I didn’t do any baking…bought a luscious berry pie and my husband receives LOTS of chocolates as gifts on his mail route so with the addition of a fruit and veggie platter and the traditional turkey and trimmings…we had a feast that was easy on this mum.

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