Christmas Wind Down

It is so nice to see photos and hear that many of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends.

Naturally ours was busy and for a while we forgot what colour the loungeroom carpet was due to the amount of wrapping paper and presents that covered it. For once the children slept in a little longer than 6.30 am Christmas morning. We had visitors the night before (Mum’s friend Mauries family) which was wonderful, they were such nice people with similiar interests to our own, which made the evening even more pleasant. I was worried about meeting them all but didn’t need to in the end. It meant that Christmas didn’t start quite as early as it has other years – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…lol.

Mum came down just as we were finishing breakfast and we all opened the presents. Well so much for being a little restrained on the gift giving front. The kids did very, very well and all liked what they received. It was so nice to hear James say he had plenty of stuff to play with now, that he shouldn’t need to play the X-Box for a while. Like I beleived him…lol. My darling Husband gave me a MP3 player – I have been wanting one for ages and it was a nice surprise. Now I can listen to the music I want (which is vastly different to the rest of the families….vbg.)

Morning tea was the fruit cake I made – and I will admit that I think I surpassed last years – it is sooooo good. We are saving the pudding until later in the week as we have so many leftovers from the night before. Guess what lunch was – Yep leftovers. I saved the roast pork and beef and cooked them for tea.

I must admit as much as I like Christmas it always has it stresses and strains and I guess if we are all honest we have to admit to them. Christmas with Mum and just us is wonderful, but throw in some in laws and then the tension starts. If there is nothing I loathe more, than the duty visits which only occur at Christmas and which no one enjoys. Like so many others I have a dream of what Christmas should be like where everyone gets along and throughly enjoys everyones company – in real life that doesn’t occur very often.

Later that night Ashley and I were discussing how we could make Christmas simplier which might alleviate some of the strain we experience both emotionally and financially. We have come up with some ideas, but we both agreed that Christmas is for the children and any suggestion of cutting down on their presents was not going to happen. There is nothing better than the look on a childs face as they open another present and say “Ohh thank you I have wanted that for ages” or even better “I didn’t know you had bought that!!!”. Isn’t that the whole idea of Christmas.

Ahh just think, a whole 12 months before we have to do all this again.

I promise I will post some photos soon, just as soon as I download the camera. Trouble is the kids are just sooo cute that I can’t help taking more photos.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Wind Down

  1. Glad you received you MP3 player. Richard gave me an iPod and I’m still trying to work it all out although I have loaded 4 CDs. What sort of music do you like? I definitely prefer Classical music.

  2. Your post is so very similar to mine – we must have been posting at nearly the same time ! I love Christmas ! but I don’t like at all – the tension and arguments that occur between family members shouldn’t be related at all. Love the mess and the cooking too – so we have decided to start a new tradition next Christmas – a picnic.

  3. One of the ‘advantages’ in getting older is that you no longer have in-laws. Oh, that’s right – we ARE the in-laws!!

    Richard has no family at all closer than cousins, and all my siblings live interstate, so the only in-law relationship we have at Christmas is between Michelle’s husband, Marcel, and us, and there’s never been a problem there. We are all hoping that his parents will be able to come for an extended stay next year, including Christmas. It will be a change from a Swiss Christmas for them.

  4. LOL – I was just going to write the same thing ms*robyn – that you had written very much the same comment over on your blog… I have a similar problem – another story for another day… P & I was exhausted yesterday but we did a quick run to the video shop and a day of just ‘vegging out’ has helped… But like ms*robyn we are thinking of other ways…

  5. Our Christmas too was small,with my and Ken’s siblings the other side of Oz and us being the “oldies” we didnt have to worry about outlaws.Our DD and her Swiss DH are home again so,small, happy and relaxed….hoping that next xmas we may have a Swozzie grandbaby to indulge!

  6. You are so right that Christmas is for the children. I really wouldn’t care if I received no gifts. I love the kids reactions and their own build up to Christmas.

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