Onward to Christmas

Ahh finally some peace and quiet. Mum has taken the children to put flowers on all the families graves which is a tradition in our family. It is Mum’s way of telling her loved ones – Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother, plus various Uncles and Aunts that they are still in her heart and memories every day. The children really participate and Mum gets to tell them stories and bits and peices about those who have gone before them. In our house when someone we love has gone “home” they are still spoken of as if they are here – which in fact they are in spirit.

So I am catching my breath after Elise’s Graduation which was yesterday. It was a lovely day with lots of memories. All the children in her class were a little subdued though. I think they finally realised that it was truly the last day they would be a Primary School Student. The ceremony went very well and everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously and I didn’t even cry!!!

Elise receiving her Certificate and Commerative Glass. Her teacher is the lady with the floral skirt, the lady behind Elise is the Parents Club President, and the gentleman is the Principal.

Last night was her party with the family. Ashley and I gave her a watch – which I am happy to say she has been wearing all day and really likes. Mum and Maurie gave her a beautiful silver necklace and earrings to match and Nanny Kate and Poppy Bill gave her some stunning blue earrings. We had the most delightful meal and chatted until quite late.

My little girl – all grown up and looking quite the young lady. Where has time gone?

Today we braved the shops and bought the last few bits and peices. Goodness it is busy and the weather is unbeleivably hot and sticky. I was so glad to get home, even if it was to face loads and loads of washing. I’m never too sure where all the clothes come from that I find in the laundry.

Tomorrow is clean up the house day and I must do the last few bits of cooking (cheesecakes and pavlova) before Saturday’s party. The kids all want to make Gingerbread Men so I guess that will also happen tomorrow.

Today I can honestly say that I am truly looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, with all the fuss and mess and celebration. I don’t fear next year at all – well not lots anyway. Yes it will be lonely with all the children at school, but I have been discovering lots of things that I want to try which I will now have time for. I think in my heart of hearts, that I have accepted that Elise is growing up and try as I might, I can’t stop time marching on, and that to accept that and to celebrate that my children are rapidly becoming independant young people is a good thing. Just don’t look if I give them an extra long cuddle every now and then.

Roll on 2006 – I’m ready for you!!


6 thoughts on “Onward to Christmas

  1. Elise does look soooo very grown up in her Graduation frock. I’m glad the day went well for everyone. I remember sitting at Sara’s final Speech Night in 2000 and feeling quite emotional as I realised that, after 25 years, the last of my children had finished school.

    What a lovely and important tradition your mother has created by taking the children to visit the graves of family members who, as you say, are still with you in spirit and in your memories. Would your Mum be inclined to write down these little stories of her family? It would be a shame if they become forgotten as it’s all family history.

    We went to the markets this morning to buy fruit and vegies. It was fairly busy (usually is on Thursdays – Seniors’ Day), and I have NEVER spent so much on greengroceries before. Admittedly, there were several punnets of berries, etc. which soon adds up to a substantial amount.

    Zoe and Shay will be here tomorrow while Shelly does the rest of her shopping. They are going to make the bonbons as their contribution to the Christmas table. All family members are going to contribute to the meal so that I don’t have to do it all. Although now that I think of it, I believe I paid for Tanya’s contribution this morning at the markets. Some people are so clever, and I’m so slow! Since I’ll be here with the grandchildren tomorrow I thought I may as well cook the turkey then – we are going cold this year (even if it snows, we are going cold). I usually cook a hot dinner but find it all a bit of a rush trying to serve and eat it hot, whereas with cold food we can relax and take our time.

    Calidore – thank you so much for your little gift which arrived on Tuesday. It is so pretty and I will put it to very good use (seems a shame to stick pins in it).

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the lead-up to Christmas and looking forward to whatever next year has to offer. I hope it’s wonderful for you.

  2. You’re very welcome Alice – I’m so pleased you like it. Hang it on the tree if you can’t stand to put pins in it.

    Sounds like you have Christmas dinner well under control. It will definately be a hot meal here. I LOVE roast and especially on Christmas day. There will only be six of us – so no one minds waiting for me to be organised. They are used to it by now…lol.

    I hope Zoe and Shay have a lovely time this Christmas – my kids can’t wait. James is counting down the hours and wants to hang out his Santa sack today!! The girls are being slightly more patient – just.

    I hope you and Richard and the family have a wonderful Christmas. I am looking forward to continuing our friendship in the New Year.

  3. Your Mum’s tradition with the kids visiting loved ones graves is really a special thing ~
    As for your beautiful daughter, well she certainly does look all grown up and I know exactly how you feel…where does time go? You deserve to be proud.
    I’m missing my boy up in Darwin and am trying not to call him every single day. Every second day at the moment and it’s not even a week…I know I’ll shed a tear on Christmas day for missing him.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve Calidore, and I too will be checking in with all my blogging friends on Christmas day.

  4. Merry Christmas, Calidore to you and yours. I will remember your optimism for the New Year. I can’t sound as confident as you but I am looking forward to exploring it. Blessings and bliss!

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