A Very Busy Life

A very fast post today. Life is becoming more hetic – why is that a surprise – and I am barely keeping my head above water. Thank goodness I have a lot of lists of what to do and when to do it. If I loose them, then nothing will get done.

Thank you for the comments that have been made on my previous post. It was soooo hard to find something that you all liked….lol. Seriously I am pleased that so many have enjoyed and found comfort from my efforts. It’s always nice to know that you are among friends.

Here are some photos of recent events and projects…..

These are the Christmas stockings that I was working on. I’m sorry the photo isn’t a better one, I tried for a close up and it just wasn’t going to work. Basically they are the same Long John Stocking pattern I had been using. I crazy patched them, then sticking with just two colours just did seam treatments. Actually they were a great way to experiement with different stitches in a limited colour palette. They are hanging from my dining chair, which of course doesn’t have any knobs on them to hang stockings from, so I had to create some ties so they can be tied on instead. They are hidden away and filled with goodies for the Children and Ashley. I was tempted to buy a few goodies for me – mainly in the form of patchwork books – but thought I should be good. Mind you there are still a few shopping days until Christmas….

For those who wanted a photo of the Egg Slice – here it is. Very, very yummy and seriously easy to make.

James – ripping open his gift from Santa at the recent Preschool Breakup. They didn’t do the Nativity Play, just sang a few songs which was nice. What was better was that the children dressed up as characters from the Songs and James was Joseph for “Away in a Manger”. Not quite what I was hoping for, but still good. We have been busy borrowing Christmas books from the Library and reading the Nativity story – lots!!! It is James’s favorite.

Woodhenge – finally mulched properly. Not the stunning blue pot – can you tell I’m biased….lol. This was the one I got when that local nursery closed down. Definately a feature in the garden. The gap in the trees is where the drive meets the road that runs past our place.

This is the new garden bed that has been created around the “Blue Ice” conifer. It is very definately eye shaped and will be filled with silver plants and red roses. I was going to have a “hedge” of climbing red roses along the back curve, but am now leaning to a box hedge instead – ever green and very fast growing which will give us more privacy, the neighbours wood shed looks directly into our yard.


6 thoughts on “A Very Busy Life

  1. Thank you for posting the pic of the egg slice. It is so colorful and different. I am copying the pic and the recipe.
    Your stockings are great. Is that one made from jeans?

  2. Zoey – 250 grams is 8 ounces or 1/2 a pound if that helps. Don’t stress on how much ham you put in, judge it on how much you like ham. Either way it will work.

  3. PS – the stocking is made from left over bits of denim and chambray fabric that were in my scrap pile. For years I made the kids “jeans” with elastic waists cause they were easier for them, and now I am just using up the leftovers.

  4. Thanks for the gram conversion, Calidore. I am thinking of having a New Year’s Eve get together and thinking that rolls would make a nice little appetizer.

  5. I love your stockings, how very pretty! I admire you for completing them in time too…I often fall behind in my projects and my menfolk don’t care to encourage me, probably don’t even know I need encouragement! ‘lol’.

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