A Lighter Note

Do you want to be a Domestic Goddess? A Kitchen Wizz? Do you need something sensational to take the next time you are asked to “bring a plate”? I don’t mind admitting that phrase sends shivers down my spine and makes my knees tremble. Which, I can assure you, is not a pretty sight.

Try this recipie for something fast (you make it the day before you need it) and easy even those it looks, when you serve it, like you has spent hours on it.

Egg Roll
1 long bread stick ( I use a french bread stick)
6 hard boiled eggs, roughly chopped
3 celery sticks, sliced finely
200 grams fined sliced and chopped ham
1/2 cup chopped parsley (I use dried and use less)
pepper and salt
3 teaspoons gelatine (powered form)

Half the lenth of the bread stick and hollow out each half with a long knife, taking care not the peirce sides and ends.

Roughly cumb the bread and add to all other ingredients except gelatine.

Dissolved gelatine in a cup of boiling water and cool slightly before poring into eggs, ham and celery mix.

Stir well until the ingredients are moist. Stuff back into the bread roll cases, pushing to ensure it reaches the bottom and is tightly packed.

Stand rolls on the unsliced end in a jug and keep refridgerated. When set, slice and serve.

This looks and tastes fantastic. We had a car rally last year where we had to “bring a plate”. I left the roll unsliced, wrapped it in foil and in as esky until we had arrived (a couple of hours later) then sliced it there. It was fine. Do use a bread knife to slice it though – it is so much easier.

Right, off to read a blog or two or three, then to make the egg roll, 6 slices that are needed for the up coming Christmas Parties the girls have (some are also for us) then might have time for a cuppa.

PS James’s bit for today was…..drumroll. To try shaving. He had cuts on his upper lip. Apparentely he decided that there was hair there and it needed to be Gone!!! Needless to say he has had a serious talking too and been promised that when he is old enough to shave I will get him a special razor or whatever it is they use. Elise has also been privileged to enjoy a chat with her mother about putting certain items up where small brothers can’t reach them.

No wonder I am going grey!!!


3 thoughts on “A Lighter Note

  1. I’ve enjoyed eating something similar to this before, but have never made it myself ~ now with your recipe and recommendation will be giving it a go.
    Poor little James ~ how cute is that?! Glad he didn’t cut himself too badly though. Kids ~ gotta love ’em!

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