Christmas Carols

My goodness Alice over at A Growing Delight has created quite a bit of interest with her Australian Christmas Carols. Now I will admit (at the risk of people drawing their breath in horror) that I didn’t know we had Australian Christmas Carols. I know – shocking isn’t it. I guess I was brought up on the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frost the Snowman (who if I hear again will melt with a blow torch).

Following the link that someone gave in their comments on her blog I found this site. It’s MUSIC!!! and probably the closest you will get to music on this blog. There are lots there, including some of the ones that Alice has mentioned.

Very nice to listen too espeically after I had spent a strenuous morning helping James clean his room. Santa would have taken one look and declared that he wouldn’t go in there. He may never have been seen again….lol. At least now I can make the bed without falling over toys, being stuck to the floor with sticky tape or worrying that a spider is hiding under the bed, just waiting to get me.

PS I want a WHITE CHRISTMAS – have I mentioned that before…vbg. It is nearly 40 degrees here, stinking hot, dusty wind blowing and my washing was dry in less than an hour. I want snow and the wood fire burning and winter woolies on and just once I want see what the bare bones of my garden would look like hidden under a mantle of white. I’ll worry about the damage and possible death of the plants later.


One thought on “Christmas Carols

  1. I think you are going to have to chase down that ‘white Christmas’. I hope we have one in fact. Its been a common enough weather fact that we sometimes gets alot of snow before and after Christmas…you just never know!

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