I’m Back

Well so much for saying that I wouldn’t be on the puter for a few days due to becoming behind in all things related to housework. Withdrawal symptoms hit and I just had to read some blogs. I’m still behind in housework, but have told the children they can watch TV until 9 am then they MUST help their poor mother with the housework. Surprisingly they agreed. I don’t think they realise how much there is to do.

Gardening yesterday despite the heat. The breeze was wonderful, unfortunately I wasn’t gardening in the shade where I would have benefited – greatly…vbg. Woodhenge was weeded, the edges tidied up and lots of loads on compost put on top of what was there. The mini agapanthus are growing, and some even in flower, but they were sadly looking for soil to put more roots in. I probably should have let the mulch and compost settle more before I planted them – far too impatient for that. Still they are now bedded down nicely with a thick layed of wood chips on top to keep the roots cool and well watered.

The other week I pruned the box hedge that is right near the front door. Now I must confess that I would rather cook a fancy three course meal for forty people than prune a hedge. My clippers always seem to slip at the wrong moment and the bits that are meant to be straight – aren’t!!! Still James thought I did a good job – and even I’m pleased. It always helps to have some encouragement – even if it did come in the form of “I’m not picking up those bits (prunings) Mum, but you’ll do a good job cleaning them up”. Men, or should I say Boys! Despite this I did put around two dozen cuttings in jars on the laundry window sill – they are starting to form roots already.

So yesterday, while still bouyed with the success of the Box Hedge Pruning, I planted 22 Lonciera plants around the front of Woodhenge. They are going to be clipped so they are only about a foot high and should be a nice edge to the bed – well as always that is the theory.

Ashley and I also marked out the new garden bed. I have a “Blue Ice” conifer in the lawn (stunning silver blue colour as the name suggests). It is about half way between the house and the fence and is growing very nicely already four metres high by the same wide and it has only been in for approx four years. My sister gave me some money one year for a Christmas or Birthday present and that is what I bought. For a long time I had planned to put a large bed around it with the conifer as the centre peice – but nothing ever came of it. Finally we have got organised. It looks a bit like a pimple on a pumpkin so drastic action has been taken. At the moment there is three stakes in the lawn marking the outside edges of the bed which will end up being eye shaped) and the hose running along one edge of the bed marking it out. There was sone slight adjustment to how big the bed would be due to the presence of a sprinkler. We have pop ups and look out if I happen to plant something on or to near to them. Either Ashley gets very stroppy, or the sprinkler blasts the poor plant to peices. Suggestions that he sifts the sprinkler generally get no response – which could be a good thing.

This whole bed is going to be planted in silver and red. Deep red roses – I have some growing from cuttings. They were ear marked for the middle pergola bed but it depends on where they are planted first. At the back of the bed – mainly to block the view of the neighbours wood shed (anything ugly in their yard is where the trees in their block have died) – we are going to put up some posts, similiar to those used at Woodhenge, and put mesh between them and I shall plant Aunty Florries Climbing Rose there. It is a delightful red which flowers only once, but the flowers last for weeks. We have called it Aunty Florries Rose because it grows at the old house where my Grandmother and Aunty Florrie (her sister) grew up. It’s as tough as old boots – just like them – and is a absolute delight when it flowers – you can’t see too many leaves for the mass of flowers. Why not call it Grandma’s rose – cause Aunty Florrie was the one who ripped (literally) the peices out of the ground so Mum could bring them home for me. Of course they hadn’t taken a shovel with them when A. Florrie suggested they get some peices.

There is some delema as to what I am going to plant and where I will plant it. I can’t put in plants if there is no garden bed to receive them, but there is no point taking lots of cuttings etc and growing them on if they are going to sit there for months until a bed is ready. Truly a quandry. There is only so much room for plants in the potting shed – which is nicely set up with sprinklers so I don’t have to try to remember to water everything regularly – which in summer means twice a day.

Right it is 9 am – where did the time go? I’m off to do some housework and to inspire the children. Have a fantastic day… Bye.


3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. wow ~ you sound like a very busy little bee!! I am in awe of your gardening skills, and love to picture your garden in my mind…thanks for the inspiration. BTW ~ I read your suggestion for banana skins and tomato plants and will be trying it 🙂

  2. Wow, you are a professional gardner compared to the little I do. But the rewards are wonderful when things bloom and look ‘just so’. Looking forward to lots of pictures later on!

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