Frantic Friday – again

A very early start this morning – 6 am in fact. Ashley had to wire some lights in a shed that the frame was being put up today. Apparently it is so big, that they wire the lights on the ground, then the trusses are placed into position using a crane.

Todays recipe is an oldy but a goody. Fantastic if Great Aunt Susan has just rung to say she is popping round in half an hour and you have nothing (decent that is) to serve in the way of food with a cuppa.

Mum’s Buns

2 eggs
1 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
dash vanilla essence

Now use a TEA cup not a coffee mug for this.

Put two eggs in a cup and fill to the top with cream. Place in a bowl and whisk together lightly. Add sugar and essence and flour. If it is too thick then add more cream or a dash of milk, too runny then add more flour.

If you want chocolate buns then add some cocoa, Sultana – add sultanas.

Place in Patty Pans and bake moderate oven until cooked – generally around 15 minutes.

This is so easy and they work!!! These buns don’t keep for any more than a couple of days and are best cooked and eaten the same day. Like mine stay around for long with three kids ready to demolish them. They are a fantastic way of using up that cream that while it hasn’t gone off, is getting a little old.

That’s it for me for a few days. I haven’t been able to settle at anything much – worrying about how Elise would go at Secondary school is the main problem I think. She was fine by the way – liked her General Studies teacher and the Maths teacher. Wasn’t impressed at all with the Art teacher and her main complaint was that there were 7 girls in her form (all from her primary school) and several boys (from her grade this year) and the rest were in her words “feral boys”. She will cope though. Just not sure her mum will….lol.

James is off to Primary School today – not worried about him – he will be fine. More front than Myer’s as we say here in Australia.

So today I’m going to catch up on housework and maybe some quiet sewing and possibly even some gardening. Can you guess I am trying to keep busy. Take care eveyone and have a fantastic weekend. I shall catch up with all you have been doing next week.


2 thoughts on “Frantic Friday – again

  1. The recipe sounds great and simple too. Now to get some cream! My husband uses powdered in his coffee, so I’ll definitely get what I need to make them.

    Hope your weekend is restful. Sounds a good plan.

  2. I love reading your blog and am sorry I have to rush away. I’m way behind in things…like I haven’t wrapped one gift yet and my craft room floor is covered with bags of gifts and my daughter is arriving Thursday and my husband is home Wednesday and you know what that means…I’ll get next to nothing done then…more driving around shopping and such. Anyway I’m going to copy off your recipe which sounds good..and dash out of here like I’ve not just spent ouch! 2 hours online…oh how could I???. smiling as I say that!

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