The Silly Season

Yes, in case you haven’t noticed the Silly Season is well and truly upon us. Although how you wouldn’t notice is beyond me.

There is nothing on TV – as ususal – except “Grumpy Old Women at Christmas” on the ABC on this coming Monday night. This is a must see – the best laugh I have had for ages was watching “Grumpy Old Men at Christmas” last Monday night. That they can openly say what we probably have all thought at various times about decorations, cards, relatives and the christmas feast, was part of its charm.

I nipped down the street for half an hour before I had to pick up James from preschool this afternoon. There were people everywhere thinking, choosing and buying presents. And the funny thing is, the few conversations I heard (and no I wasn’t eavesdropping) were mainly complaining about how hard it was to find time to fit everything in and why did they have to spend so much money. Newsflash – Maybe it’s time to choose a simplier Christmas.

When we finally arrived home it was cup of tea time and a read of the Weekly Times – a newspaper dedicated to farming on both a local (Australia) and over seas scene. It was full of doom and gloom. Barley Prices crashing, people objecting to windfarms, the state of the rail network here in Victoria and so on.

So I have decided that I shall not read anymore newspapers – at least until after Christmas, they are just too depressing. There will be no more TV – well apart from Grumpy Old People who by the way are classed in the 35 to 50 year age group. I’m not old – Am I??

I cranked up the stereo and Christmas Carols are playing very, very loudly. I feel a sense of hope and optimism for the coming year. Despite my fears of sending Elise off to Secondary School and James to Primary School and how Nicola will cope with her ongoing battle with excema and of feeling that life can sometimes get on top of me, there is that underlying excitement that Christmas is coming. The most special time of the year – where we celebrate Christ’s Birth.

There is also hope and a feeling of anticipation for the coming year. What will we, as a family acheive in the coming twelve months? How will my children grow and mature as they face daily challenges in their lives both at home and school? What challenges will Ashley and I face in our marriage and our daily lives which are totally, completely entwined. What will I acheive in the garden, sewing room, kitchen? Will Ashley’s work continue to be as busy as it has been?

Yes there is joy and hope and love and an eagerness for all life has to bring us.

My wish is that you and your families lives are full of the hope, joy and optimism that ours are for Christmas and the coming year.


4 thoughts on “The Silly Season

  1. Lovely post Calidore ~ this truly is a special time of the year…Over Christmas and then on the eve of a new year, I find that not only do I look forward to what the new year will bring but also become quite reflective on the year that has been…with all its joys and tribulations and remembering lost loved ones. For me New Years Eve, is always bitter sweet.

  2. How wonderfully you sum up what I’m feeling. It’s so easy to get all wound up and the world (out there) doesn’t help. You’ve brought a sane moment into my day and I heartily thank you. Thanks so much!

  3. looking forward to seeing grumpy old women too…I saw the grumpy men..oh..what they said I had to agree with most of it!! lol! like your blog!

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