I have finished the last of the children’s Christmas presents. It seems to have been a long drawn out affair, but finally they are finished. Check out the pattern I used “Hoovers Beautiful Tail” . Just scroll down the page until you find it. I just fell in love with this cat when I saw it at the Christmas party I attended recently and just had to make them for the kids. Especially Nicola who is allergic to cats (real ones) but who will love this one – I hope.

I wanted to put a special note with each one – just from the Cat and Myself so I did a search on envelope templates. Now I know that there are probably squillions on the net – but these are two that I found which are, in my humble opinion, particuarly good. Best of all they are free.

Stampington and Co have a really groovy range – I particuarly like the Purse Template – I could see it used as as invitation for a 16th Birthday Party or if you wanted a BBQ themed one try the one that they class as a sandal, but to me looks like a thong….lol.

Mirkwood Designs also had some fantastic designs and well worth a look there as well. No affils to any of these companies, but I couldn’t resist sharing what I had found. After all plain envelopes from the stores are never as much fun – are they?


3 thoughts on “Envelopes

  1. i’ve saved these links ~ and can’t wait to use some of the ideas. I agree Calidore, much more exciting than plain old envelopes ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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