Christmas Decorating

I have been busy this morning decorating parts of the house. Now as much as I would like it, I know that I will never acheive the standard that Zoey has reached with her lovely decorations, but I am pleased with what I have acheived.

It was a painful process though. On Monday night while planting tomatoes, I bent down to check something and was stung by a bee – halfway between my ankle and the bottom of my calf muscel. It is sooooo sore and very, very swollen and all the standing and walking around that I have done all morning hasn’t helped. So now I am resting, reading blogs and I have my foot up on a stool with ice packed around the affected area. At least there is some sympathy here at home – which is nice.

The main Christmas tree was put up the other day, although I may take a leaf out of Zoey’s book for next year and put a lot more tinsel etc in around the trunk so you can’t see through it. It will be fine for this year though.

I have decorated the wood shelves that Ashley made me for my 21st.

I love these shelves – it is in pine and he did such a good job with it. It sits in my front entry and is the first thing you see as you walk in the front door. The painted tree in the middle was made by a friend for my Christmas present last year. The Heart swag I made the first year we were married. They are just fabric hearts stuffed with polyfil then threaded on thick string with beads in between them. Very effective.

Next I decorated the hall stand that was my Grandmothers. It too sits in my front entry.

All the decorations on this are homemade. My Mum made the large Santa’s head last year from a pattern my sister had. The gold hanger Mum also made for me last year. The bears that are hanging Mum painted this year. She is very good at her folk art and I like to encourage her by finding lots for her to do…lol. The santa with the very long legs Nicola made at school this year. It is just dowel painted for his legs, plasticine for his shoes and a polystyrene cone for his body which was painted and felt belt, arms and hat glued on. His nose is a pom pom and the wiskers are stuffing. What you probably can’t see in the photo is his nose is stuck on by sticky tape – she couldn’t get the glue to set and I can’t bear to change anything she has made. I think the small black reindeer at the bottom right hand side is also one of Nicolas creations made at school.

Last but not least is the Nativity Scene that Mum painted last year. It sits on my wood sideboard in the dining room. The same one where the table runner I made a few days ago resides. Technically this Nativity Scene is to be shared between our house and Mum’s as she is only home with us for Christmas every second year. The alternate years she spends in the Northern Territory with my sister. But being the kind mother she is I was allowed to have it here again this year, as she is coming down her for presents, meals etc.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. I have just quickly popped in for a visit and haven’t had a chance to read your post fully…just wanted to say you do are wonderful job of decorating your home at Christmas…It’s awesome…I did read the bottom bit where you said your Mum spends alternate Christmas’ in the N.T., and was wondering where? Just that I am a born and bred Darwin girl…until our move to Tassie last December.

  2. Hi Kali My sister lives at Brunchilly Station, an hour and a half from Tennant Creek. Her kids are schooled through School of the Air at Katherine and one of their camps last year was up near Darwin – so can’t remember just where. She did go shopping in Darwin. I remember that much….lol. You have had a huge change to go from one end of the country to the other. I enjoy your blog too.

  3. Visiting via Maggie Ann. I just love decorating for christmas and I love pics on weblogs! thanks for showing your decorations. They’re lovely.

  4. Calidore, I love seeing your things. Your shelves are so beautiful and I really like the heart swag you made. Everything is pretty and Christmasy. Your Mum is very talented! I like the nativity she painted. You’re way ahead of me. I know I need to get started…our daughter and her family will be here the 15th. I always go a little crazy cleaning and polishing and then they come and you could never tell I did all that work anyway. When will I ever learn?? = ). Hope your bee sting will soon be cleared up. That was a rotten thing to have happen to you…bet it hurt like crazy.

  5. Loved the crafty Christmas decor – but I’m even more impressed by Ashley’s shelves. Do you lend him out? Also interested in the NT reference. I lived in Tennant Creek from 93-97 working for the local Member of Parliament. While I have never actually been to Brunchilly – have communicated with it quite a bit. It was in the electorate of Barkly.

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