Christmas Decorating

After such a busy weekend it was nice to be able to sit down this afternoon and catch up on reading everyone’s blogs. You may have noticed that I have organised my links on the sidebars to include all the blogs I read. Thank you too all of those who have links to my blog on yours – it is nice to know that this humble blog has readers out there.

Yesterday afternoon – before the Great Chook Excitement – Ashley and I emptied the pergola of everything and he pressure washed off the cobwebs and dust that had been accumulating for some time. It looks sooooo clean. The Fairy Lights have been hung – I thought that there was heaps more, but Ashley could only find three or four strings of them. We think in the end that many of them had desintrigated last year and were thrown out – they don’t last forever unfortnately – espeically in our hot Australian Climate. Plants were watered and the pots cleaned up and everything was put back again.

I have one more tree to decorate (the four foot one that we used to have as a Christmas tree – before I spotted and bought the eight foot one we are now using) and that will go out in the pergola. A Blue and Silver theme I think this year. I had purchased more decorations, then discovered heaps in the Christmas box that I had forgotton about so will have heaps (or at least heaps for me) to choose from.

If you want some serious inspiration for decorating your house and trees check out Zoey’s wonderful blog. Particuarly the post entitled “Visitors from the North Pole”. Absolutely stunning work Zoey. Any chance of coming over and decorating my house???? Hint, hint…lol. There is only a ditch of water and several hours flying time between us.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. How surprising to come for a visit and see my name in one of your posts. Thank you so much for the kind words.
    My decorating days are OVER for this year–finally. It is a ton of work to do all of that and I am now happy to sit and watch everybody else to do their homes and, hopefully, posts pictures.

  2. Its going to be fun to see pictures of Christmas decorating all over the world..hint..and a *smile*. I haven’t done a thing yet so no pictures from me for awhile. We don’t do much really, a wreath or two and the tree. One year my daughter packed all the tree ornaments in the hall closet shelf for me and its wonderful. So handy. We usually put up an artificial tree but I wondor this year if the kids will want a real one since we are all together. I’d better check with them. It sounds like you are getting lots of baking done too. I guess I’d better start thinking along the same lines. Blessings to you Calidore!

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