Blasted Clucky Chooks

I don’t think my chooks/chickens/hens (for those that need translation from Australian slang…lol) have got the hint that they will not be allowed to be clucky and sit and hatch eggs.

I have ten hens and a rooster at the moment and am getting anywhere from 6 to 9 eggs a day. More than we can possibly use, although in my baking session last week, I made serious inroads into the mountain of eggs we have. I know that come winter, they will go off the lay and I will be complaining that I can’t cook or use all I want to, but that doesn’t solve the problem now. I definatley don’t need any more hens or roosters – we stil have four of them in the freezer waiting to be cooked.

There are two hens in isolation at the moment. Basically isolation is a cage where they are put, with no straw for nesting, just food and water. Yes it is sheltered, but think of it as solitary (or as close to soliatary) confinement as I can make it. There is also the method of dunking a chook into cold water which disrupts the hormones apparently – but that is a lot too mean for me and this seems the far kinder way to go. After about a fortnight they can generally return to the rest of the flock, all happy to go on laying and not just sit in the nesting/egg laying boxes.

Sunday night I went to feed all the chooks and found another one on the nest in clucky mode. Dratted chook!!! Now being the coward I am, I fetched Elise and told her to get it off the nest so I could get the eggs. Not such luck – after being pecked twice – Elise told me it was my problem. Where did the theory of look after your coward of a mother go?? So we fetched Ashley. Of course Ajax had to come too.

Ajax leaped up to the nesting box (very excited cause he isn’t generally allowed in with them) only to be pecked on his nose. The look on his face was priceless. Meanwhile Chooky is hunkering down, eyes gleaming and ready to take on the world just so she can become a mother. Not on your life sister!!! Ashley did the usual fast move and with one hand grapped her around the neck, the other around the wings. Unfortunately Ajax got a bit excited and decided to grab her neck as well. Lots of yelling and prising apart of Ajax’s jaws and chooky went flying out of the hen house to hide in the orchard.

Elise went to find her, only to yell out that she was dead!!! Not likely. Ashley grabbed her, the chook not Elise, and carted her off to the hen house again. Someone should tell Madame Chook that if you want to play dead, don’t squark loudly and flap your wings as you are being carried away, wait for an opportune moment to escape.

So with all that excitement over – and both Ashley and Elise telling me next time to deal with the clucky chooks myself – not likely!! We headed up to the house for tea. If nothing else all that flapping and yelling should send the other chooks off the lay for a little while. Hopefully long enough for me to catch up.

PS This morning Elise informs me that Madam Chook is on the nest again and that she is NOT going to be helping me with her tonight. Ashley – where are you dear……..

PPS Found this link on Chooks please click on it (no affils etc just for a laugh). It is so funny. James loves it.


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