Frantic Friday’s Recipe

I have just sat down for a five minute rest – goodness the morning has been busy. Ohh Ashley has bought me a cup of tea – isn’t he wonderful.

All the beds stripped and two are remade. The others are calling my name – but I’m ignorning them for the moment.

Washing is done and on the line, although it may have to be brought in soon. The weather is turning nasty and I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t have a dust storm by the end of the day.

I have baked all morning. Two Pavolvas (one never goes far enough…lol), a tray of buns (small cakes), bread and butter pudding (Nicola’s favourite), Creme Caramels (mine!!! and if anyone else in the family touches them they are in BIG trouble) and a Tuna Slice. I have also hard boiled a dozen eggs, made potatoe salad with the first potatoes from our garden and a coleslaw.

I’m exhausted!!!!

This afternoon James is at Primary School for an hour (early orientation day) and Ashley (if he doesn’t get anymore work in) and I are going shopping for Elise’s graduation present and to try and get some of the items on her school book list for next year. Then at 5.30 we have swimming and there is a Farmers Market at Lake Boga (about 15 minutes from here) that we wouldn’t mind a look at afterwards.

I think by tonight I might need a strong drink and a very long lie down. I refuse to think about what I want to acheive tomorrow….vbg.

So todays Frantic Friday Recipe is

Tuna Slice

425 gram tin Tuna drained (I use the one in brine)
1 big onion finely chopped
125 grams grated cheese
1/2 packet crushed dry biscuits (use the ones the family won’t eat) or bread crumbs
3 beaten eggs
1 cup milk
Lemon Juice to taste
Parsley (if it is lurking in your cupboard or garden)

Mix all the ingredients together and place in a greased casserole dish (a square one is ideal) or on a baking tray (such as a lamington tray). Bake Moderate over until golden brown.

This is fantastic served hot or cold. It makes a terrific easy dish if you have a bring and share lunch as it slices up very well and holds its shape. You could probably even cook it in a loaf pan and slice it like you do meat loaf.

If you want to feed more, just add extra bread crumbs and milk (the mix shouldn’t be so dry it is falling apart as you mix it).



2 thoughts on “Frantic Friday’s Recipe

  1. wow! i’m totally in awe…
    Makes me want to have a session like that in the kitchen, though I don’t think I am that organised 😉
    I’m definitely going to make that tuna slice.

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