Arial Photos

There was a magazine that came out in our local paper today promoting the business of Swan Hill and how we are moving ahead. Well at least some on the local council think we are. The magazine didn’t grab me all that much, until I came across these photos….

We think they must have been taken around five years ago. This first one shows the industrial estate we are next to. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. There are no smells and only a little bit of noise and to be honest we don’t even hear that very often.
Arial Photo
The house on the bottom right hand corner is ours. No not the one with the trees around it the next one. You will see it more clearly in this photo.
Arial Photo 2

If you work from the front left of the photo ie the road, you get our house, the big shed, then Mum’s unit. Hers has the fence around two sides of it. On the right hand side from the front is the garden, the vegie garden and chook shed and the small shed. The orchard is situated behind it and the dam.

The trees on the right (the very thick ones) are our nice neighbours. You can’t see their house very well, but it is a mud brick. I think the only one in Swan Hill. The house on the left are the neighbours that aren’t so nice.

The drive now goes along in front of the trees you can just see at the front of our block (they are how huge and totally block us from the road) and comes out on the nice neighbours side.

I’m sorry the photo of our house isn’t very good. I scanned them in from the magazine, and while I could enhance the main photo, I think because I have enlarge the second one (of the house) so much it won’t come any clearer. Still it gives you some idea of what our land looks like. I would love to get more arial photos taken just to see the changes.


3 thoughts on “Arial Photos

  1. Hi Calildore – don’t you hate spammers! And you have word verification turned on, too. 😦

    Love the pictures – it makes it so much clearer now what you are talking about. I don’t suppose you are lucky enough to be in a high-definition area for Google Earth – that would give you the modern version.

  2. Its fun to see your place Calidore, but is it really safe to publicly show were-abouts you are located exactly? Just a thought from a blogger friend who cares. Hope you are having a good day. Your pictures are interesting….and, what is a chook shed? Our acre is zoned, so its a big deal if we want to put up a garage even, and then our taxes will go up..even more! Well, I’d better get moving. I have ironing to do today and a baby shower to shop for tonight. Of course I stayed up way to late last night…blogging = )…and slept in this morning. Thats what happens when you don’t have any children to take care of anymore and I don’t mind too much at all. *smile*

  3. Yep sure do loathe spammers Chloe. Why can’t they just butt out. Thanks for the comments too.

    A chook Shed is for housing hens and roosters Maggie Ann. As for publically showing where we are, to be honest unless you know the town, it would be hard to find us, this isn’t the only industrial area in town. Besides if someone does turn up they will be sent to weed …lol. Thanks for your concern though. We too are zoned, but having two acres gives us lots more scope on what we can do with our land. Not as many restrictions as there is right in town. We still have to have permits for sheds etc.

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