Christmas at Preschool

We received a newsletter for Preschool today detailing what is on in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. There are only a few weeks (read preschool days) and it will all be over. At least our preschool days will be over as James is the last one to enter the schooling system.

There was quite a detailed section on what is happening on the last day. Preschool session as normal, then the parents arrive to see Santa hand out gifts and there is a shared lunch. It dawned on me suddenly that there was no mention of the children doing to Nativity Play and I don’t think it is an oversight in the newsletter. There doesn’t seem to be any time left for such a worthwhile endeavour.

Now to me, seeing those small earnest faces screwed up in concentration as they try to remember their lines and where they are meant to be in the play – is the real beginning of Christmas. At the preschool the girls went to (James goes to a different one) they both had the Nativity Story as part of the end of year celebrations. It generally went along the lines of the Story, lunch then Santa. I’m not sure who in the end enjoyed the day more, the children or the parents. On the way home both girls retold me the story of the Nativity – their version. It was wonderful.

However there is no mention of it for this preschool. Now I admit to being a coward and not wanting to stir the pot and ask why not – especially as I don’t go to any of the preschool meetings. But I think that on the day there will be a real sense of something missing.

I guess if I should ask there will be the usual politically correct answer of not all the children beleive in or celebrate Christmas. BAH HUMBUG!!! I bet those children will be there with bells on to receive a gift from Santa. I admit to being cynical and I know not everyone believes in the Lord, but why should such a precious time and memory in a childs life – be sacrificed for the sake of political correctness? In the end does it really matter if the children beleive or not? That they are participating and enjoying themselves surely should be the most important aspect of the day. I know there are some out there that would say why does it have to be the Nativity Play they preform, wouldn’t any play do? Well I say to you – Why Not? What is it about the Nativity Play that you find so scary? You celebrate Christmas – which in itself is a celebration of Christ’s Birth, or is it easier to ignore the real meaning of Christmas and just celebrate the commercialised day it has become for so many.

Maybe it is just the trend of this fast paced world – where the “Me, Myself and I” factor takes precidence over everything else. I, personally, think it is time we stopped and rethought our values and asked ourselves “What are we doing, why are we doing it and where will we end up?”

Twenty Minutes later – having calmed down somewhat….
I am not trying to force my religious or political views on anyone. We are each given a choice in what we want to believe in. It just really annoys me that traditions are being thrown out for the sake of being politically correct.

5 thoughts on “Christmas at Preschool

  1. Calidore, I appreciate your post about Christmas. The real meaning of Jesus birth seems to be left ‘out’ more and more everywhere. How will the children learn about God if they never have the Nativity Play and Sunday School and things like that. Thats one of the wonderful things about being the generation we are…we know the truth of the Bible and our children can count on us to tell them…the sweetest story ever told, of the love of God for them, and how to believe on Christ and be saved. Did you by chance ever read any Elsie Dinsmore books? A story of a little girl who became a believer at an early age. Well, I’d better get to bed, its very late, but I’m glad I stopped over to visit you tonight after seeing your comment at knitting kat. I appreciated it.

  2. HEAR, HEAR, HEAR – I couldn’t agree more !!!!

    The country and constitution was founded on Christian principles, but in the last quarter century we’ve become (or forced to become) so politically correct in case we offend a minority that we are afraid to acknowledge the true meaning of our celebrations.

    Why can’t the Christian message be taught and celebrated at Easter and Christmas, and the basics of other religions explained during their celebrations. I think it would go a long way towards creating religious harmony in the community, rather than the current misunderstandings.

  3. Forgive me, but I must point out:

    Both Easter and the season we celebrate ‘Christ’s Mass’ are really the church’s usurping the dates of earlier, more popular (at the time) cults in order to gain more converts to its system of worship.

    Eastre (1), the Goddess of Fecundity, whose season is spring and whose symbol is the hare/rabbit, was the original god/dess of Easter.

    And the only reason Xmas is in December is because there was a huge pagan celebration for the birthday of Mithras (2), whose symbol was the sun.

    Christ was actually born in spring, the only time when the shepherds need to be in the fields with the flocks both day and night – to assist the ewes with lambing and to protect the young lambs from predation.

    So your protest of dropping one arbitrary celebration (Christ’s Mass) in favor of another, equally arbitrary celebration (The Generousity of Santa) is a bit ironic.

    (1) (Eastre was a Germanic/ European Goddess)

    (2)(Mithras was popular throughout the Middle-east prior to age of Islam – which rose slightly after the Christ cult. Muslims look at Christ as being a figure like John the Baptist, a precursor to the arrival of Mohammed)

  4. I’m with you all the way here. We suffer a lot with PC over here in the UK and it sucks. The only thing political correctness does is foster intolerance! I hate it! So good for you in writing this.

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