A Very Good Day

Considering how lousy the end of last week was for me, these past two days have been wonderful.

I have had the worst headaches and hayfever that I have had in ages, so it was a pleasant change to wake up Sunday morning pain free.

Saturday night we put up the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree

There is now a very nice collection of Christmas presents under it, but anyone who touches them goes without presents for Christmas. Last year the threat worked, and it looks like it might work this year too. Trouble is they all know I am the worst one for checking out presents – they are so much fun to rattle – gently that is – and everyone puts mine at the bottom of the pile. Honestly – my family take away all my fun….vbg.

Sunday we went to the local Rotary Club market and picked up some seedlings – watermelon, zucchini and cantelope and an orange tree that was just calling our name. On the the hardware shop to get the bits and peices for the rest of the watering system in the vegie garden and then to a nursery that was closing down.

I didn’t frequent this nursery much. Indifferent service and very expensive prices put me off but we just had to have a sticky beak. Well my Christmas came early!!! There was the most stunning pot I have seen – about four foot high and round, the colour of blue agapanthus. Just had to have it and at 30% off full price it was mine. Now it is residing in the garden bed at Woodhenge. It is a real splash of colour that should highlight the miniture agapanthus and the Wedding Day Rose when they flower. So guess who now has to save up before buying any more plants.

Today I have cleaned the dining room. Why I kept putting it off I don’t know. Reality is there is less wall area to wash than in the lounge room, it just seemed like a huge job. Even took down the curtains and washed them. Then I decided that I wanted a table runner for my pine cabinet. I found this pattern a couple of years ago that is the best one I have ever come across. It is a freebie which makes it even better. Check it out. When I first found it I posted the addy to an internet group I was in at the time, heaps of ladies made it and all agreed that it looks difficult, but is soooooo easy to make.

Table Runner
This it under construction. Total time to make, including putting a backing on it (I just sewed on the backing and bagged it through, then top stitched where I thought I needed to) was 1 1/2 hours. Easy. It would have taken less, but I was checking on what Ashley was doing in the shed inbetween seams.
Table Runner
Here it is finished. Sorry the photos are a bit blurry. I was standing on a chair and am definately not good with heights, but wanted to show you how good it looked on the cabinet.
And just because I am in such a good mood and so very organised, here are my Red Poppies that are blooming with abandonment near the path to the pergola. Red Poppies
Don’t you just love they way they are backlight by the morning sun.
Have a fantastic day.

8 thoughts on “A Very Good Day

  1. Is sounds really morose, but I do love going to nursery closing down sales. Sounds like this one was working well towards it anyhow!!

  2. well done with bagging that pot ~ gotta love a bargain 🙂
    Nifty runner and that photo of those poppies, makes me want to reach out and touch them.

  3. p.s. driving around today, I saw the first Christmas trees (2)up in other peoples houses, yours is the third. I think I might wait til the 1st December…I have to buy one first *grin*, sold our last one before we moved here.

  4. I wait til the week before Christmas to put my real tree up as we always buy ours from the local bushfire brigade. I do have others though, around the house..will put them up first week of December.
    I hate hayfever and have been suffering dreadfully from it the past week or so. The only thing that works for me are homoeopathic drops from the health food shop

  5. I am glad to find someone (other than myself) who has their Christmas tree up!

    I love that table runner. I am going to get the pattern now. Less than two hours to make the whole thing? I have been planning to make a few runners this winter in different color schemes.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your table runner is beautiful…I went over and printed off the pattern too. Thanks for sharing it. *smile* As for the picture of your poppies….gorgeous. Great shot with the sun shining through! sounds like you had a good day. They are the best kind..*s*.

  7. I also printed off the pattern for the runner…dunno WHEN there’ll be “time” to make it though.
    Love the poppy………are you going to save the seeds and send me some?(HINT)

  8. Yes Maureen if you want seeds I will save some. See I can take a hint…lol. Actually they are just plants from a punnet of poppies that I bought at a market. Just the common kind, must be the wonderful photographer that makes them look soooo good. (Rolling on the floor laughing here – ohh it hurts!!!)

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