One month, one week and one day away according to my ticker clock. I still have just two more presents to make. I thought there was only going to be one, but bought a bag pattern on the weekend, that this friend (I call her my second Mum) will love, so will have to make it for her.

Ms Robyn brings up an interesting point in her post titled “The Silly Season”. How much is too much when it comes to presents, stress and all the rushing around that comes with Christmas? Is it time to slow down and smell the christmas pudding? Is it time to make Christmas simpler?

This year we have Elise’s Graduation from Primary School less than one week before Christmas Unlike in my day, there is a huge celebration here when children finish Primary School, which I think is a fantastic idea. They are well on their way to adulthood, it is a reason to celebrate this new phase in their lives. We are going to have a proper formal tea with the family and some close friends that evening after all the ceremonies etc at school are finished. Good china, fantastic food and even better company. Elise is really looking forward to it and keeps remind me we must get on and do the invitations. I am sort of organised. I did buy the paper for the invites. Now just to work out the menu, table decorations etc.

Mum came down today to say her gentleman friend and his family are all coming here for Christmas Eve. Apparently it is time, according to her, that we all meet. Of course it has to be here, there isn’t room in her little flat. Not that I mind, Christmas Eve always seems to stretch for an eternity, espeically for the children and it will be nice to spend time with new friends. Well I hope that is the way it will be. Mum tells me she will organise the food, but of course there are always bits and peices that need to be made, the table decorated and so on. Hopefully the weather will be fine and not too hot and we can eat outside under the pergola. (Note to self – get Ashley to pressure wash off all the cobwebs and hang the fairy lights.)

With everything else we try to jam in in the week between Christmas and the New Year, it is going to be a very busy. It seems to be getting busier and busier and I am sorry to say that we haven’t celebrated the real reason for Christmas – The Birth of Christ, properly for some time.

It is time to say STOP, to re evaluate what we want as a family and as individuals this festive season and the year ahead.

Ashley and I, after long and animated discussion, have made a decision that next year, we will not be purchasing or making Christmas gifts for the long list of recipients that we have in past years. Unfortunately we have family members who do not appreciate homemade gifts in any form and we have fallen into the trap of buying presents for them. So the Christmas list is going to be severly pruned. We mentioned it to one of his sisters and she agreed with the idea. Apparently she had been finding it difficult as well – so I am glad we took the initative – even though some family members won’t thank us.

This year we are going for the simple version of christmas. Just us and Mum. Nice lunch – still working out the menu there, very easy tea – simple but well thought out presents and a relaxing day. Lovely.

In the meantime I shall get back to the sewing machine, the oven and the present wrapping….

2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. I like the simple version of Christmas too. for me the most special part is the Church program..being reminded of Christ’s humble birth and for what a reason…to suffer and die to redeem us. Then the Christmas day celebration of exchanging gifts. Since our daughter and her husband and son live in a different state, we celebrate our family Christmas whenever we can get together. For the last 2 years we had Thanksgiving one day, and Christmas the next day. I thought I’d die of exhaustion, not kidding. Up to the attic to get the tree etc. It will be further apart this year and I’m so glad. she is coming home Dec.15th. I am excited about it and hopefully will not feel like I’m going to fall over with fatigue this year. Living is a learning experience for me…*smile*. so many years I’ve said…why don’t we skip the gifts part and just have dinner and read the Christmas story out of the Bible and play a game or something…but no..I’m always outvoted…still smiling though! Your Christmas day plans sound well in hand..and it will be here before we know it.

  2. we have trimmed down our list too – I would rather buy random gifts for people throughout the year – ‘just because’ and at Christmas time, spend a little more on things you love – extra special shortbread – stuff like that.
    sounds to me as if everyone is moving towards a simpler Christmas this year

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