Acheiving Lots

I have been incredibly busy the last few days, well since Sunday actually and am seriously restricting my computer time to get things done. There are some slight withdrawal symptoms being experienced by not reading blogs, but I shall perserver until everything is finished.

I have even started doing some serious sewing – a major clean up of the sewing room – again!!, resulted in lots of UFO’s being found, so now I am finishing off lots of projects. Sunday I went to a quilting Christmas Party that I go to each year. Lots of fun and I meet up with some old friends, check out what they have being doing and get lots of inspiration for my own projects.

I finally finished Elise’s quilt. There was only a metre of binding left to stitch down so why it sat there for weeks unfinished I don’t know. Anyway I just had to post a photo of it proudly displayed on her bed. Note the purple walls – Chloe you would love them. She had picked the colours out and I painted her room one week while she was away at camp a couple of years ago. A huge job but worth the effort when she walked in and cried with happiness. Ahhh life was good that day. It was even worth the pain of doing the stencil along each wall. I must admit I was well and truly over stencils by the time I had finished.

Last night Ajax was barking furiously at what we thought was the neighbours dog. It is a Sheep Dog and Ajax with all the passion of a small dog, hates it. Imagine our surprise when we finally investigated and found this blue tounge lizard in the garden bed near the pergola. He disappeared fairly fast when I started taking photos – didn’t like the flash. We get quite a few of them, lovely creatures keep the snakes away and eat lots and lots of insects.

Some one asked for photos of the cat cage. Well here is one section. This is about one quarter of it. I really must take more now it is cleaned up properly and mulched. To the left of the photo, just out of shot, is the back door which has a large cat/dog flap into it allowing the animals access to the house. The pond has gold fish in it, but I don’t think Jess has discovered them. Probably because the water is so green he can’t see them. Ashely made the fountain out of plow disks – very ingenious and it took lots of muttering under his breath until it was the way he wanted it. Now I want him to make some more – so far he is ignorning me. There are, what will one day be large shrubs – mainly Nandina growing in there. The whole cage is roofed, so we have to be careful how big things get. Jess can see out into the garden from anywhere in there and there is some shade for those hot days, more as plants grow.

Note the big pots – my pride and joy and hopefully this Christmas’s project. They are the ones we bought on holidays – two for the price of one. They are going by the front door to mark the entrance – it needs something dramatic. It also needs some paving and weeding and the list goes on.

And just because I couldn’t help myself posting a photo – here are my Jacobean Lillies. They are nearly finished now, but a real sight when they are out in flower. There is still only a small clump, but they do look like they might multiply. This is the second year they have flowered. A gift from my friend E.


5 thoughts on “Acheiving Lots

  1. I like your pots. We have some similar ones out the front made from galvanized steel. They’re great as a feature.

    Love the lillies too. Are these the only colours they’re available in?

  2. thanks for the cat yard photo, I won’t show it to our kids, they will be jealous, their yard is about half of your quarter.
    The lily is one that I know, it’s a spreckelia, and I’m pretty sure it’s only in red.

  3. My word you have been busy. The quilt looks lovely on her bed. The pots, too, are really nice. Aren’t there some fantastic pots available, now? I’d love to buy lots just for the pots although, much as I love container plants, etc. I’m not very good at container gardening. Everything always finishes up looking such a hotch-potch. I know I need to concentrate on quality and design rather than quantity and in all the wrong shaped pots. I have some fantastic books on gardening in pots, baskets and boxes and I drool over the pictures. Still, I guess it’s something to aspire to.

  4. I simply adore your daughter’s quilt..well done ~ it is really beautiful.
    I’ve got to say that I am enjoying your posts, but need to come back during the week and have a proper look 🙂

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