Goodness what a melancholy post yesterday. I didn…

Goodness what a melancholy post yesterday. I didn’t realise how frustrated I was in regard to the gardening. Maybe in future I should be saving my posts as a draft, then posting them in a few days – but where would the fun be in that. I think in hindsight, part of the melancholy was from taking James for his school interview. Which went very well. It dawned on me when I finally got home, that next year there will be just me at home, for the first time in a very long time. A very scary thought. Now I know that this time has been coming, but I think I have been resolutely putting it at the back of my mind until the time came to examine it closely. Well I have examined it – and I’m not sure I like it. There is no way I could home school my children – it just wouldn’t work for any of us and the school they attend is wonderful and I’m not worried about that. But what will I do all day!!! Ashley thinks I’m nuts. As he said I complain now there isn’t enough hours in the day to do all I want. That the garden needs more attention than I currently give it, that there is sewing and mending by the boxfull in the sewing room, cooking to be done, garden plans to be made, blogs to read – why am I worried?

Today I will not complain. I have made serious inroads into the overgrown weeds (yes that horrible word again) in the cat cage. I have dug out bulbs – flame freesias (which are bright orange – not sure where they will go) and another small bulb which I bought one pot of twelve months ago and which has gone forth and multiplied. Trouble is I can’t find the label – unless it it still hiding in the icecream container. I wish I had taken a photo of it when it was in flower. It only reaches 30 cm high, has masses of white flowers and I think could become a real pest if I wasn’t careful. I strongly suspect that it is a member of the onion tribe – the flowers seem to be similar. Sheep manure, by the bucket full has been spread then the whole section heavily mulched with chip bark. I have some dicondra to be planted in another section as a lawn replacement (it is difficult to get the lawn mower in there and not worth the hassel).

I have another plan for the garden – well one section anyway. I want an apple tree hedge. Not a really thick hedge, just a suggesstion of one. Five or seven apples in a row, underplanted with low growing companion plants and just a few roses maybe. I love the very old varieties of apples – the kind you just don’t see in the supermarkets or stalls anymore. Commericalism has a lot to answer for. I found my old catalogue from Badgers Creek Nursery near Chewton the other day – they specialise in apple and crab apple trees and probably a lot more since I had my catalogue sent. – and I am going to get a current list. Ashley wants more fruit trees and I think this could be a real feature in the garden. Stunning spring blossom, scrumptious fruit and the architecture of bare tree branches in winter.

Right off to be organised make a phone call to Badgers Creek and revise a plant list or two. I shall be organised, I shall not grumble and I will be cheerful.


One thought on “Goodness what a melancholy post yesterday. I didn…

  1. As I was reading along in your post, and came to the ‘apple trees’ wish…my eyes widened as I thought of our four in a row..very messy trees. There is the yellow delicious, the mac, the crabapple and the ahhhh….other one. It produces wonderful apples but this year they were miserly in size and due to my Mums passing to heaven, they were neglected and are all over the ground in a mushy mess. No’one’s had the time or inclination to clean that up so we’ll probably have diseases sprouting forth. Last year was a bumper crop and it was work…work..and more work. The applesauce was delicious, and all of our friends were happy to get apples, but I’m thinking….be careful what you wish for, it might materialize! *smiling* You are the ultimate gardner compared to us though. We are very…very hit and miss. Sometimes…unless its my hubby’s idea..its not a good idea, if you get my meaning. Hey, its ok…life goes on with other good things. Your post has reminded me that I haven’t checked for some new tulip bulbs to plant and its not quite to late. Nice visiting with you Calidore. I must get up the gumption to put your blog in my sidebar…for sure. I hate to mess with the html…its scary for me = ). Yes…I am serious! It may be hard at first…for you to adjust when all your children are off to school, but believe it or not, the day will come when they are due home from school and you will wish for another hour by yourself to finish up some thing or another. I did, anyway, even though I loved my children to pieces!

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